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I've watched Saturday Night live since before I could understand all the jokes. With the emergence of peer to peer file swapping services, I've been looking for a lot of my favorite SNL skits.

My favorite 2nd commercial is called Oops I crapped my pants and it aired three times in 98-99 season (see show lists below). It originated the line I still crack up hearing, "Well I'm wearing them, and I just did".

Chris Parnell and Ana Gasteyer have small part with two older actors and a young child actor.

For me, humor in this fake commercial is the visuals, the older actors saying the hysterical lines and the horribly named product.


[Open - porch of nice home, looking out on yard.]
[Two grandparents sit with grandchild, as parents approach in tennis uniforms]
Ana: Hey, Mom what do you say to a game of tennis?
Grandchild: Come on grandma, with you on our side, the boys don't stand a chance!
Grandma: Ok, I'll get my racket
[grandma rises from site but changes her mind, looking concerned]
Grandma: On second thought, I think I better sit this one out.
[grandma upset, looks up at grandpa]
Grandpa: You kids go ahead, I wanna have a talk with your old grandma.

[kids, parent leave; grandpa sits down]
Grandpa: You're still having control problems, aren't you?
Grandma: I just don't feel confident Harvey.
Grandpa: Come with me. I wanna let you in on a little secret.
[grandpa takes grandma's hand and they leave porch]

[grandpa opens cabinet and takes out adult diapers]
Grandpa: Here we are oops I crapped my pants.
Grandma: Oops I crapped my pants, I've heard of those. Do they work?
Grandpa: Oops I crapped my pants out performed every bladder and bowel control product on the market today. Here, I'll show you.
[grandma holds open diaper, grandpa holds pitcher]
Grandpa: Imagine this pitcher of tea is really a gallon of your feces.
[grandpa pours pitcher of tea with lemons into diaper]
Grandpa: See how its super thick protection allows for maximum absorbency without leaking.
Grandma: I'm impressed. Oops I crapped my pants can hold a lot of dung.
Grandpa: And get this, Oops I crapped my pants are biodegradable. Now that's good for the environment.
Grandma: Hey, how do you know so much about Oops I crapped my pants?
Grandpa: Well I'm wearing them, and I just did.
[grandpa and grandma smile at each other]

[tennis courts, grandpa and grandma playing tennis with children]
Grandchild: Nice point Grandma!
[Grandma turns to and addresses camera]
Grandma: Thanks Oops I crapped my pants!

Voice over: Visit your local pharmacy and just say Oops I crapped my pants.

[Grandpa hugs grandma, kisses her on the head. They walk away happy]
[They turn to walk away and their tennis shorts are bulging...]

SNL 1998-99 Season

  • September 26, 1998, Host: Cameron Diaz/ Smashing Pumpkins
    opening show of the year
    OPEN Oprah 2002
    MONO: Cameron Diaz
    COMM MasterCard
    SHOW The View
    COMM Oops! I Crapped My Pants
    SHOW The Ladies' Man
    COMM The Best of The First 20 Minutes
    GAME The New Hollywood Squares
    TOON Fun With Real Audio: Presidential Address Outtakes
    MUSC "Perfect", Smashing Pumpkins
    SKIT The Roxbury Guys & The Festrunks
    SKIT Smelly Witches' Brew
    COMM Gap
    SHOW Jingleheimer Junction
    COMM Gap
    MISC A Message From The Spice Girls
    TOON Maakies COMM Gap

  • December 5, 1998, Vince Vaughn/Lauryn Hill
    OPEN Clinton Impeachment Hearings
    MONO: Vince Vaughn
    COMM Oops! I Crapped My Pants
    SHOW Dog Show
    SKIT Mr. Peepers in Las Vegas
    SKIT The Joys of Marriage
    COMM Brew Dude
    SKIT John Lennon's Inspiration
    SKIT Exxon-Mobil Merger
    MUSC "Doo Wop (That Thing)", Lauryn Hill
    SKIT Psycho
    SHOW Pimp Chat
    MUSC "Ex-Factor", Lauryn Hill
    SKIT Delco Cat Toys

  • May 8, 1999, Host: Cuba Gooding, Jr/Ricky Martin
    OPEN Clinton Dreams of His Future
    MONO: Cuba Gooding Jr.
    COMM Lotto
    SKIT Improvised Bible Miniseries
    SKIT Barbara Walters Looks for Monica
    SHOW Pretty Living
    COMM Lotto
    SHOW The Ladies' Man
    TOON AmbiguoBoys
    SKIT Barbara Walters Looks for Monica
    MUSC "Livin' La Vida Loca", Ricky Martin
    SKIT Cuba Loves Mango
    COMM New Scratchers from Lotto
    COMM Martha Stewart Living
    SKIT Cuba Creates a Scandal with Walters

  • updated 02/02